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We discuss current Issues and challenging views
from a biblical worldview, Cindy Hartline — Host


Current show:

John Higgins — Interview

John worked closely

with Chuck Smith and

Lonnie Frisbee

in the Jesus Movement.

This is his story!



The Jesus Revolution movie has created a real buzz among Christians. Some are questioning whether or not the movie portrayed the “Jesus Movement” accurately. Memories are being recalled by the generation that it touched the most, as a plethora of pictures and posts continue to be shared on FaceBook. The Jesus movement has become a hot topic in the Christian discerning ministries as well. Some are questioning if in fact the movement was truly led by “Holy Spirit”. People are wondering if Lonnie Frisbee was really used that powerfully by God… After all, everyone knows he back-slid into sin. Our guest, John Higgins who worked directly under Chuck Smith and played a huge part in the Jesus Movement shares his story. Perhaps this interview will answer some of your questions. In 1968, During the Jesus movement, John Higgins, a core member of Calvary Chapel founded a small communal house in Costa Mesa, California, which quickly grew, catering mostly to college-age hippies. The communal house grew to become The Shiloh Youth Revival Centers, one of the largest Jesus People communal movements in the United States. John Higgins and some of the core members of the movement bought 90 acres of land near Dexter, Oregon and built a new headquarters which they called "The Land". There were approximately 100,000 people involved and 175 communal houses established during its lifespan. John is currently the senior pastor of HIS CHURCH, Calvary Tri-City in Tempe, Arizona.


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