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We discuss current Issues and challenging views
from a biblical worldview,  with Host: Cindy Hartline                            "Where Truth Matters!"


Current show:

Producer Kenneth Berg — Interview

Ken has an interesting upbringing and amazing work experiences that led
to Berg Productions, his

"Media Pulpit" 
Ken encourages all to find their


Producer, Kenneth Berg

Ken has traveled extensively throughout the Holy Land and the Middle East for over four decades producing award-winning television programs based on the bible. His studies and degree in fine arts serve as a background to his creative eye. Ken was raised as a minister's son in New York City. After serving in the motion picture division of the US Army, he moved to California where he worked in Hollywood for a Christian advertising agency. He has gleaned experience as a director, producer, writer, graphic artist, and photographer in places such as New York, Hollywood, California, Europe, as well as throughout the Middle East. Berg Productions has produced "Our Jewish Roots" (formerly "Zola Levitt Presents") for 45 years. The program airs weekly on the Daystar Television Network and more than 100 independent television stations. Ken’s company has also produced "The Nazareth Jesus Knew," featuring Pat Boone. And musical specials featuring Dino Kartsonakis and Dallas Holm. His recent projects include “Much Like Peter” shot on location at the Sea of Galilee, “Son’s of Promise,” “Ruth,” and dozens of others, all filmed on location in Israel… Ken Berg’s full-service production company, located in the heart of the Dallas FortWorth area, has a reputation for quality and consistency in both long form and short form, in film, video and high definition productions. Ken's photos have been featured in "US Camera and Travel" magazine. He has garnered over 30 awards for his work in television and film. Ken has a wealth of experience and notoriety in the media field but he also has an interesting upbringing that he is willing to share with us on this show.

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Jackie Alnor, Yosef Ben Avraham, Eric Barger, Bob Barber, Kenneth Berg, Mark Biltz, Billy Crone, James Paul De Young, Lizabeth Dolwig, Joe Domico, Anita Dittman, Matthew John Eden, Dr. Martin Erdmann, David Fiorazo, James Joseph Fire, Jim Fletcher, Ray Gano, Mike Gendron, Chuck Girard, Daniel Gracely, John Haller, John Higgins, Mark Hitchcock, Flynn Huseby, Rev John Jones, Gary Kah, Charles Knight, Bill Koenig, Christopher Lawson, Mike LeMay, John Loeffler, Jan Markell, Johanna Michaelsen, Bob Mitchell, David Nathan, Hedy Negron, Roger Oakland, Kyle Peart, Josh Peck, Dr Duke Pesta, Jacob Prasch, Dr David Reagan, Dr Gregory Reid, Bill Salus, Mark Sowersby, Chris Quintana, Marco Quintana, Jill Martin Rische, David Servant, Ray Shelton, Paul Smith, Amy Spreeman, Carl Teichrib, Amir Tsarfati, Tim Wirth,  Patrick Wood and many more veterans of the faith.

Recommended Listening!
Revival... then and now! 

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John Higgins — Interview

John worked closely with Chuck Smith and

Lonnie Frisbee in the Jesus Movement.

This is his story!

Chuck Girard — Interview
Chuck was a member and founder of the Contemporary Christian Music group "Love Song" as portrayed in the Movie, Jesus Revolution, Chuck shares his story...

Dr. Gregory Reid — Interview
Greg shares His experiences and involvement in the Jesus Movement!

Debbi Bryson — Interview
Debbi shares her experiences about having Chuck Smith as her beloved Pastor

The movie Jesus Revolution has really sparked memories and on-going conversations about Jesus Movement and Chuck Smith of Calvary Chapel that began in the late 60’s. If you haven't seen the movie go and see it…its running again and has surge past $45 million in ticket sales atleast the last time I heard… We’ve been covering the Jesus Movement for almost a month by having interviews with those who were directly involved with the movement who personally knew Chuck Smith, like John Higgins, founder of the shiloh homes, Dr.Gregory Reid and Chuck Girard…who by the way was the founder of the group Love Song which was mentioned in the movie... and so the conversation about the “Jesus Movement” continues with our guest Debbi Bryson. Debbi is the founder of the Bible Bus Stop Ministry, the author of Wisdom for Women devotional, also a commentator for Calvary Chapel’s Hope FM radio station and a very zealous conference speaker with a passion for God’s word and a deep love for women…Debbi shares her story of what it was like to be a part of the Jesus Movement with Chuck Smith as her endearing Pastor.

 Laura Hunter — Interview
Laura who works at Asbury Seminary shares her experiences during the "revival"l

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