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Love For The Truth Radio is a program devoted to encouraging you the listener, to be a contender of the faith in an ever-changing church culture. On Love For The Truth Radio, we discuss current issues and challenging views along with biblical truth that can affect our Christian Worldview and how we live out our faith. The Host of the show is Cindy Hartline. The program sound engineer is Richard Hartline.
Love For The Truth  Radio is an "interview based" program where we interview: Ministry Founders, Radio Hosts, Authors, Pastors, Leaders, Conference Speakers and the like, who we deem as having sound doctrine. We discuss all views and topics through a Biblical Worldview. We believe that the bible is the inerrant Word of God and that the "full counsel" of  God is found from Genesis to Revelation, including all 66 books of the bible.
We don't proclaim to have a “cap” on the truth however,  we have a love for biblical truth and believe the absolute truth is found in the "written word" and not through traditions or philosophies of men. 

LOVE FOR THE TRUTH RADIO is aired and promoted through:
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Radio programs and podcasts can be shared and posted on websites and aired on radio stations however, editing show content is prohibited.  Our shows run 60 and 30 minutes long.

Love For The Truth shows are promoted through the internet on various media formats. Show archives are posted on our YouTube channel: Richsoundman/Love For The Truth Radio and TV for continual viewing. Programs are also posted in Facebook groups that support particular topics. We typically don't mention seasons or dates on "topical" shows so that they can be used over again on media formats who support us.

If you would like to post Love For The Truth shows on your website or air on your radio station please notify us at: 

Thank You for listening!
Love For The Truth

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