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VEILED!—Amazing Biblical Typology Found in The Ritual Of The Ancient Jewish Wedding!

VEILED! The Prophesied Bride of Christ~ By Cindy Hartline

'In reference to the Ancient Jewish Wedding!"

Soon after the Ketubah (legal contract) was signed by the couple, the groom would lavish his betrothed bride with gifts of provision to be used while he was away building a huppah (a room attached to his fathers house)for their marriage. Her first duty was to select ten maidens(virgins-The Church) who would be helpers in preparing her white garments for the Wedding Feast and aids in sharing their many skills with the young bride to help prepare her for her new position as a help maid(wife). These maidens were also responsible in holding her accountable in being faithful to her groom until he returns. After witnessing the young woman's Mikvah(ritual bath-"Baptism") the maidens would place a veil on the betrothed Bride! The veil was a public sign(a testimony) that she was “taken” and consecrated under a new covering by her will. The veil would also act as a protective shield, preventing this young woman from having eye contact with other men or being tempted to participate in any unholy events or buy more material things other than what was already provided for her by her groom as she must learn to be self-controlled and frugal. The veil reminded her to remain focused on and being Loyal to her first love. May our eyes, ears and mouths, the very gateways to our heart, mind and soul, be veiled to behold our first love; our Lord and high priest who saves us from being harmed by any and all evil. May we remember and write on our hearts the words our Groom has written and all of his covenant promises in truth. Let us be reminded that our weaknesses and temptations are veiled and covered "if" we choose to Behold our Groom Jesus Christ above all! This devotional is a reminder to chose scriptures this year that will help you overcome any personal weaknesses that you are aware of. Blessings and Big hugs! Cindy Hartline ~Jan 20, 2020

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