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A Message To The Church
In light of Covid 19
— Dr. Gregory Reid

Dr. Gregory Reid’s message suggests that the Church listen, learn and take action to God’s directives in response to Covid 19 because the party is over! The program focuses on Dr. Reid’s article: “From Generals To Footsoldiers Of Christ, Hear, Prepare, Act!” which host Cindy Hartline believes is a Clarion call for the Church to wake up in this last hour and fight! Dr. Gregory Reid has been in youth ministry since 1975 and is a graduate of Christ for the Nations Bible School in Dallas, holds an honorary degree from Logos Graduate School and is an ordained minister with American Evangelistic Association. Dr. Reid is the Director of YouthFire Ministry, and served as Youth Pastor at CrossPoint Church in El Paso, TX for seven years. He is committed to speaking truth to this generation and served as a Private Investigator for 20 years as a contract criminal justice trainer on occult crimes and crimes against children and speaks extensively on spiritual warfare and other crucial issues for our times. He is the author of 12 books, including Trojan Church, A Cry in the Wilderness, The Color of Pain and the recently released War of the Ages: A Complete Scriptural Guide to Confronting and Defeating Satan’s Kingdom.

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Do you believe there is one truth? And if so, do you have a desire to know and seek out that one truth? I had this crazy thought… What if people, especially Christians didn’t know the true definition of “truth”? How could they have a “love" for truth if they didn’t know its meaning? And what about absolute moral truth? How would they apply truth to their lives morally if they didn't believe in truth being absolute? In my research, I was stunned to discover that According to a Barna poll research, it was determined that Americans are most likely to base Truth on “feelings” rather than absolute truths. Sadly, Mariam-Webster’s updated dictionary defines Truth as “archaic”! The real truth is…this post-modern “thought” has influenced our culture to have no moral compass!