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Staging A New World Order
Global Oneness & Spiritual Politics — Carl Teichrib

It is evident that there is a Political and Religious push toward Global Oneness. This agenda, however, is a quest to ultimately move toward a New World Order. Carl Teichrib, Author of Game of Gods —The Temple of Man in the Age of Re-Enchantment discusses in detail how this quest for Global Oneness has been a world-wide agenda for decades and shares who the many leading influences are; from Political leaders to Hollywood figures and Religious groups to Non-profit organizations, all of which join hands in this Biblically Prophesied Global effort. Carl covers three chapters in his book: Global Oneness, The Cult of World Order and Spiritual Politics!

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Do you believe there is one truth? And if so, do you have a desire to know and seek out that one truth? I had this crazy thought… What if people, especially Christians didn’t know the true definition of “truth”? How could they have a “love" for truth if they didn’t know its meaning? And what about absolute moral truth? How would they apply truth to their lives morally if they didn't believe in truth being absolute? In my research, I was stunned to discover that According to a Barna poll research, it was determined that Americans are most likely to base Truth on “feelings” rather than absolute truths. Sadly, Mariam-Webster’s updated dictionary defines Truth as “archaic”! The real truth is…this post-modern “thought” has influenced our culture to have no moral compass!